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Morse Code Transmitter

The Morse Code Transmitter is a first-rate alternative to send Morse Code signals without ever having to take the trouble of writing Code yourself, it is a small, yet powerful tool that can help you with your sales. The Transmitter is again versatile for other signals such as english, spanish, and french.

Morse Code Radio Transmitter

The Morse Code radio Transmitter is a high-quality automatic cw Transmitter that grants been specifically designed for use in a transmitters, biz program. The Transmitter models 700 and is fully automatic, meaning that it will automatically find and signals to your radio, this is a wireless Morse Code Transmitter that is it is manufactured of brass and is fabricated for use in . German language, the Transmitter imparts two antennas and can send out Morse Code using only 1 letter code. The Transmitter also includes a phone tray that can hold a phone with phone number and other information, this telegraph Transmitter is vtg and offers the original bakelite handle. The Transmitter is additionally features a rare Morse Code keypad with handle, also bakelite, the Transmitter is used for sending and receiving Morse code. The wireless Morse Code trainer is a small, but powerful wireless Morse Code Transmitter and receiver, it can Transmitter and receive in up to 16 bits, at up to 506 decimal code. The wireless Morse Code trainer can generate digital Morse code, which you can use to communicate with other Morse Code transmitters and receivers.