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Transmitter Neck Strap

The Transmitter Neck Strap is a critical piece of hardware in a radios new era of operations, it provides power and signal quality, while protecting your radios antennas from wear and tear. The rc Transmitter Neck Strap provides uncomplicated access to all the internals of the radio, so you can take it to the next level, the almighty futaba is right at your fingertips when using your transmitters all-in-one sampler.

Transmitter Strap

Turnigy rc controller Transmitter Neck Strap is universal fit for all turnigy rc controller models rs2, rs3, rt, rt rt 10), the Strap is fabricated of durable materials that will not allow any fabric to come in contact with the controller's neck. This Transmitter Strap is prime for suitors who desiderate to operate their turnigy rc controller without having to worry about getting a new one, the Strap as well unrivaled for use in competitions or personal use. This product is a lanyard that becomes an essential part of your rc equipment, it is an excellent accessory for your rc transmitter, and can help you keep track of how many volts your rc device is getting. The rc Transmitter Neck Strap balancer is a sensational substitute to increase the power or current draw of your rc device, and can also be used to increase the vertical speed of your rc device, this product is a first-rate buy for somebody searching for a quality rc Transmitter Neck strap, and is an enticing accessory for enthusiasts on the go. This is an exceptional new rc Transmitter adjustable model black Neck Strap lanyard for jr this lanyard provides a black Neck Strap with a jr symbol on it, and a black jr t-shirt on it, the new futaba orange Transmitter Neck Strap is an exceptional alternative to protect yourself and your loved ones. This Transmitter Neck Strap is manufactured of durable materials, it is a terrific addition to your transmitter, and will keep you safe and comfortable.