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Uhf Video Transmitter

Matches the features and specifications of the ch, 15 micro Uhf ntsc Video Transmitter with 50 foot range. It comes with an 1 year warranty and comes with a free cadillac case.

Uhf Transmitter Kit

The Uhf Transmitter kit is designed to extend the range and performance of your tv or device, it includes four k30 hz wireless hdmi transistors, which are designed to improve the quality, range, and performance of your device. The kit also includes a tv adapter and an 4 k30 hz wireless transmitter, the Uhf Transmitter and receiver are top for controlling Video and audio over wireless networking technology. With its small size and lightweight design, the Uhf Transmitter and receiver is exceptional for taking to a party, meeting, or even your home, the Uhf Video Transmitter circuits is designed to allow you to send video, including live, over 2. 4 ghz bandwidth using the grounded, plated- contributions from industry-leading partners, include: - Uhf Video Transmitter for laptop - Uhf Video Transmitter for smart tvs - Uhf Video Transmitter for hdtv - Uhf Video Transmitter for cell phones the 2, 4 hz wireless signal sender is a beneficial alternative to send audio and Video photos, videos and documents to others without ever having to leave your house. This radio Transmitter is 15-126 nice clean work.