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Wireless Video Transmitter

This Wireless Video Transmitter and receiver is top-of-the-heap for adding an extra level of audio and Video quality to transmitters, biz presence. With its 2, 4 g connection, this Video Transmitter can relay Video and audio signals to other devices on your account. Additionally, the ir remote extender can provide up to 2, 4 g signal strength for connecting to other Wireless devices.

Wireless Transmitter For Camera

This Wireless Transmitter for camera is dandy for admirers who desiderate to quickly and easily send Video or pictures to a friend or family member without having to handle their cable or home-theater tv, this model includes an us rca av sender receiver and a Wireless Transmitter for your camera. The cordless ir remote feature makes it straightforward to send pictures or videos to someone who is closest to you, and the Video feature makes it straightforward to take pictures and send them to someone who is far away, this 4-part series about Video transmitters and receivers is about best surrogate to get our favorite videos to other people in a simple and basic to operate set up. This 12 v car Video Transmitter and receiver is superb for view camera use, it works with 12 v cars that have an 12 v power supply. The Transmitter can work with either side of the car, or both sides at the same time, the Transmitter and receiver are made of durable materials that will never corrode or tarnish. This product is a Wireless camera Transmitter and receiver for car backup cameras, it imparts an 2. 4 ghz frequency and is compliant with the.