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X Rocker Transmitter

The X Rocker Transmitter is a top-of-the-heap device for your gaming chair with clear, unaffected audio, the Rocker design typo c is experience your chair like a permanent part of your world. The Rocker audio design eliminates any loss in sound quality, making it a sterling surrogate to add excitement and excitement.

Wireless Dac Transmitter X Rocker

This wireless dac Transmitter is for the gaming public, it is a top-of-the-heap alternative for admirers who desire to play games online. The Rocker design will make it first-class for on the inside of your pocket, the Transmitter also comes with a built in amplifier for making extra loud or powerful sound with your games. The X Rocker bluetooth Transmitter is a $50 gaming chair that turns on when you sit, it grants a loud sound and an easy-to-use controls. The chair can hold up to four people and gives an 2-year warranty, this is a wireless Transmitter for your gaming chair that you can use to have audio with no cords. The Transmitter grants style keypad and entered into it, therocker's enter into a digital signal that is fed into the chair's sound system, this system can handle up to 51 xxx listeners, and can handle voice and data connections too. The wireless Transmitter for gaming chairs is a practical solution for folks with restrictions on where they can be used, the Transmitter can be attached to a chair with no cords, turning it into a hardware-based gaming chair that can be used from any where.